Year 6 Outing to Amersham Field Studies Centre

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Year 6 Outing to Amersham Field Studies Centre

Last Friday forty-six Year 6 boys set off to Amersham Field Studies Centre to investigate the microclimates of the area and collect data for their fieldwork project as part of the work in Geography. The day started in the classroom where methods and equipment were discussed, along with where they would take their measurements (Meadow, Deciduous and Coniferous Woodland).  Hypotheses were drawn up and then out into the wild they headed. The boys worked in small groups taking measurements and noting down the data. On the return to the class, results were discussed and theories of why results were as they were proved or disproved. The afternoon consisted of a 2km orientation course collecting microclimate data. The boys really enjoyed the outing and are looking forward to converting their data into some wonderful projects.

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Mr Bester, Head of Geography