Y6 Amersham Field Centre Outing

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Y6 Amersham Field Centre Outing

This was one of the best trips ever! At the start we got to school and headed onto the coach. It was an exciting 45 minute drive there and the coach was filled with loud chatter about how much they wanted to get to Amersham and what challenges awaited us. 

We started the day at Amersham Field Centre by thinking of hypothesis for different things, like where the air temperature would be the highest, the meadow, the coniferous forest or the deciduous forest. This was great fun as it was hard to just try to take an educated guess at some of these things.  

Next, we had a short break where we could eat a snack and get some boots on. After, we went to some beautiful forests and tested our hypothesis. We found out that the meadow had the greatest light intensity and wind speed but the deciduous forest had the highest ground temperature, highest air temperature and somehow the most rainfall collected. Unfortunately, the coniferous forest had none of the highest targets. We then looked at a weather box which can predict the weather. They always face north because if the door is open and the sun was shining directly onto the thermometer it would give an inaccurate reading of the temperature. It can read many other things not only air temperature but also water temperature.  

We then went back to our classrooms and saw if our estimates were correct or not. After, we analysed our results in small groups referring back to our hypotheses and we worked out which one were correct and which weren’t.  We debated why we thought these results were showing what they did and the staff in the centre were very helpful explaining things to us.  Then, we had lunch which was half an hour long but very fun. 

After lunch we explored different areas of the centre in small groups and completed some challenges about the weather and climate which was fun and educational. At the end of the challenge there were three questions which asked where the best ice cream truck, wind turbine and solar panels would be best placed which got us all thinking and debating and we came up with some very sensible solutions.  

Finally, one of the staff at the Amersham centre announced the winners of the day and my group came a respectable joint third which we were delighted with. All in all, a fantastic day which was both educational and enjoyable as well as being very well organised.  

Atticus – Year 6 Pupil