Year 4 Outing to Neasden Temple

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Year 4 Outing to Neasden Temple

The year 4 children spent a lovely morning at the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden. They learnt that almost 5,00 tonnes of Italian and Bulgarian marble was shipped to India to be hand carved by over 1,500 skilled artisans, to make the Mandir.

The children visited the ‘Understanding Hinduism’ exhibition in the Mandir and saw some amazing paintings and traditional craftwork. It really gave the children a valuable insight into the wisdom and values of the Hindu faith.

It was then time for the daily Murti darshan (worship) in the great hall, where the Deities were offered their midday meal.  The children spent a few quiet moments peacefully reflecting under the ornate dome with its magnificent intricate carvings. The Hindu monks (Sadhu’s) performed an arti ceremony (ceremony of light) to the accompaniment of musical instruments. After a short 4-minute prayer, lighted wicks were passed around the congregation to receive blessings.

We were all surprised to learn from our guide that the Deities are dressed in beautiful new clothes every day and offered food at certain times. Even at end the day the Deities clothes were changed once more, so that they could retire for the night.

A very inspiring and educational day for all!

Mrs Sandhu – Junior School Teacher