Year 3 Outing to Southall Gurdwara

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Year 3 Outing to Southall Gurdwara

As part of their T.P.R. Sikhism topic, Year 3 have an opportunity to visit the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall. This is a beautiful, purpose-built Gurdwara in the heart of the Sikh community in west London. We are fortunate enough to live local to this landmark building, enabling our boys to visit and learn more about the Sikh religion.

Before we arrived, many boys spotted the Nishan Sahib (the saffron coloured flag) flying outside the Gurdwara. The boys were guided by Mr Singh, a volunteer, who explained the ‘5 K’s’ of Sikhism, the main ideologies, and the ten Gurus and then answered questions.

The boys looked around the DIWAN HALL where they saw the GURU GRANTH SAHIB under an ornate canopy. Outside the Diwan Hall, some boys ate PRASHAD, a sweet prepared for the congregation.

The boys were able to walk around the kitchen to see food being prepared; curries in large pots and rotis being cooked on long griddles. This was for the LANGAR which is an essential part of every Gurdwara. The langar is open to anyone to come and eat a free meal, no matter what religion they are.

Thanks to the generosity of the Sikh community, the boys were able to enjoy a delicious meal in the langar. They tucked into curry served with rice, roti and sweet rice. Many of the boys went back for seconds- and thirds.

The outing to the Gurdwara is one of the most enjoyable and memorable T.P.R. visits -the boys come away with enriched minds and full bellies.

Mrs Outten, Junior School Teacher