Y3 Outing to Pitzhanger Manor

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Y3 Outing to Pitzhanger Manor

Year 3 boys took the short walk from Longfield Road to the handsome, beautifully restored Pitzhanger Manor Art Gallery, setting for Matt Dixon’s ingenious and moving “A Sense of Wonder” exhibition. The art is based on robots – but these sweetly whimsical creations were not faceless, inhuman machines. Instead they expressed every human emotion in the most appealing and engaging way. The weary robot of “Low Battery” offered respite in the shape of a giant green cushion beneath its painting, on which the boys delighted in recharging themselves, by having a quick lie-down! Other interactive elements included two giant blackboards, enticing the boys to sketch their own version of these sensitive robots. Later, a tour of the manor gave the children an insight into the vision and skill of its architect, Sir John Soane, and the life that was led there more than 200 years ago, when JMW Turner, the famous artist, was a dinner guest in the airy, elegant Eating Room. Upstairs, the boys took in the view from the exquisitely painted Music Room, imagining the park as the private estate it once was, rather than the setting of many play dates they have enjoyed there. Staff and children departed resolved to return as soon as possible, to support and explore more of this artistic and architectural gem, right on our doorstep.

Ms Woolley – Junior School Teacher