Year 3 visit London Zoo

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Year 3 visit London Zoo

After their exciting visit to the London Zoo, the Year 3 pupils are bursting with tales of the cute penguins, roaring lions, and cheeky monkeys. Their curious minds are filled with newfound knowledge about reptiles and exotic birds. The experience has deepened their love for animals and ignited a lifelong passion for nature. The memories made at the zoo will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Pupil testimonials:

  • Reyaan 3O – “The Butterfly Walk was my favourite as the butterflies were gigantic and really pretty. It was great to see them close up.”
  • Felix 3O “The Monkey Park was my favourite because they were so funny and energetic, climbing everywhere”.
  • Bruno 3E – “We saw some small monkeys call golden-headed lion tamarin. They are so endangered that they can only be found in Rio de Janeiro, former capital of Brazil.”
  • Dev 3E – “In the gorilla enclosure, one of the gorilla’s was doing yoga!”
  • Sebastian 3S – “We saw the gorillas climbing all over their enclosure.”
  • Anton 3S – “I was so impressed with their skills! The tigers were playing together, providing good entertainment for all!” 
  • Ammar 3S – “In the zoo we saw spiders, lions, penguins, tigers and a lot more!”
  • Veer 3S – “It was so enjoyable! The bird eating spiders, aka Tarantulas, were fascinating!”

Mr Coetzer – Junior School Teacher & Science Co-ordinator