Y1 visit Windsor Castle

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Y1 visit Windsor Castle

Year 1 visited Windsor Castle as an extension of their Topic ‘Knights and Castles’. It was a beautiful sunny day to be exploring the castle. The pupils loved searching for the special features of castles that we had been discussing in class. They identified arrow slits, crenulations, cannons, an old moat, the keep and the tower. Some were even sure they discovered where the portcullis once stood. We watched a version of the changing of the guards and were very lucky that one of the beefeaters offered to have a photo taken with the pupils. Their excitement was palpable. We paid our respects to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip whilst silently admiring St George’s Chapel. Exploring the State Rooms in the castle was a highlight for all. The grandeur of the swords, weaponry, armour, coats of arms and royal artefacts were a sight to behold. We finished our day with a ‘Meet the Monarch’ workshop at the Learning Centre run by Sophie. This gave the pupils a chance to learn more about King Charles. Sophie told us about his childhood, his hobbies and what some of his jobs are King. Some of the pupils dressed up and acted out a scene from a Shakespeare play King Charles performed while at university. With Sophie’s guidance, we then re-enacted how the King inspects the military as his role as Head of the British Armed Forces. It was a real treat to get an insight into the life of a King. The pupils had a great day and were complimented by members of the public for being great ambassadors of Durston House School. 

Miss Ingram – Pre-Prep Teacher