TPR in Junior School Summer Term

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TPR in Junior School, Summer Term

This term, Y4 study the Hindu religion as part of the T.P.R. topic. We are fortunate that our boys come from a diverse and multicultural heritage, which they are more than happy to share during T.P.R. studies. The boys learn about the importance of worship: at home, in the mandir, through the various festivals and special Gods. Some boys talked about the shrines in their homes and demonstrated how puja is carried out. They always enjoy sharing their photos and stories of Diwali- the Festival of Light. As we were not able to visit Neasden Temple this year, the boys participated in a Hinduism Workshop where they learnt more about the cultural and religious traditions. They were taught the danda dance, the festival of Holi, the story of Rama and Sita and how to put on a sari.

In Year 3, boys study Sikhism in the Summer Term. Once again, we can draw on the personal knowledge and experience of boys who form part of our diverse community. They are more than happy to recount the stories of the ten Gurus, what they do when they visit the Gurdwara and especially how much they enjoy prashad and langar.

We learn about Guru Nanak, the first Guru, and the Guru Granth Sahib- the holy book. We also learn about the importance of the 5 ‘K’s – the boys were able to examine these in close detail, with the kirpan generating the most discussion. We supplement the teaching of the topic with a visit to the local Gurdwara in Southall, where boys cement their learning by observing the religion practised by Sikhs in their community.

Mrs Outten, Junior School Teacher