Exploring Topics in Reception - Autumn Term!

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Exploring Topics in Reception – Autumn Term!

In Reception, we cover 6 topics. These develop learning in Humanities (Geography and History), Science, Art and Religious Studies, as well as giving opportunities for reading and writing. 

We kicked off the first half term of Autumn exploring the topic ‘People who help us’. We talked about people who help us at home and at school, as well as those that help through their jobs in the community and in an emergency. The boys learnt what to do in an emergency and enjoyed role-playing; they dressed up as doctors, firemen and policemen.

During the second half of this term, the topic in Reception is ‘Celebrations’. We have looked at common themes of different faiths and communities when celebrating. Themes such as lights, special clothes and food, music and decorations are all customary for several celebrations at this time of year. The boys have enjoyed exploring these celebrations through books, videos and activities. For Art, we have made sparkling firework pictures for Diwali and Bonfire Night, and we used potatoes to make poppy paintings for Armistice Day. The topic is not over yet! This term we will also learn about Guru Nanak’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas! As the year progresses the boys will also explore other festivals and events that are marked in the calendar from St David’s Day and Easter, to Holi, Chinese New Year and Ramadan.

We welcome the boys sharing the celebrations that they acknowledge at home, and they enjoy bringing in objects and photos to share with their friends. This term, we carved a pumpkin together which had been brought from home. We will also share shortbread on St Andrew’s Day. We learn to be understanding and tolerant of others’ beliefs and ideas, as we incorporate British Values into everyday life.

As we move towards winter, Reception pupils have looked at the changing seasons. We have monitored changes in the weather, and the changing colours and appearance of plants. We have learnt that some animals hibernate during winter, including hedgehogs. To support conservation, Reception pupils have built hedgehog houses in the garden at Castlebar to encourage rest, and to provide a safe place for hibernation over the coming months.

Miss Stiglingh – Head of Reception