Theology, Philosophy & Religion - Autumn Term Round Up

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Theology, Philosophy & Religion – Autumn Term Round Up

The Autumn Term started off as a busy time for some of the Year 8 boys. Candidates for Merchant Taylors’ School were doing their final preparations for the Setting Examinations. This examination will determine which sets the boys would be in when they arrive at Merchant Taylors’ and the TPR examination was written on Wednesday 25 January.

The St Paul’s Scholarship boys are preparing for their Mock Examination which take place after half-term. In preparation for this examination the boys are reading and analysing various Philosophy articles.

The rest of the Year 8 boys are continuing to work through the topics that are required for the Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship Examinations.

The Year 7 boys are moving to the Ethics section of the syllabus. For the rest of the term they are exploratory topics such as ‘Ethics of war and Pacifism’ and ‘Prejudice, Discrimination and Freedom’.

Year 6 boys are nearing the end of their ‘Nature of God’ topic while the Year 5 boys are concluding Buddhism and will move to Islam after the half-term break.

Many of the boys have been diligently completing their TPR Curriculum Extension Activities. The Year 8 boys are researching Confucius and Taoism while Year 7 are exploring the various Ethics topics. Year 5 and 6 boys exploring the topics that are commencing after half-term namely Islam and Hinduism respectively. 

Mr Williams – Head of TPR