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Durston has a long, proud and impressive history of preparing pupils for the most prestigious senior schools in the U.K.

We are here to help and to provide support, advice and assistance in choosing the right senior school for your child and in helping navigate the admissions process for their next school. Choosing the right senior school should seem pretty straight forward, but that is not always the case. It is a competitive process and can appear daunting. 

Teaching and learning throughout all parts of the school prepares pupils to be equipped for the entry examinations. Our girls apply for 11+ admission to senior schools, with a small number opting to apply to boarding school at 13+. Most of our boys apply for 13+ admission to senior schools and each year a number of these pupils seek entry to senior schools where admission is at 11+. During the Autumn Term in Year 6, the concentration of work is relevant to both 13+ Pre-tests and 11+ entry tests. 

In Years 4 and 5, the Headmaster hosts events to outline the admissions journey and options available to parents. Durston also runs a series of webinars with senior school Registrars in order to help parents in their search for the right school for their child. We are proud of our strong links and relationships with the senior schools we send pupils to. 

Durston House provides an excellent educational facility as well as offering brilliant pastoral care. They have supported my children throughout their time here and helped them to develop into confident and well-rounded pupils.

We have a dedicated team that helps to prepare our pupils. The Headmaster, the Assistant Head (Academic) and the Assistant Head (Studies Administration) are in regular contact with senior schools regarding admission. The Assistant Head (Studies Administration) also deals with the practical administration of pre-tests, mock examinations and senior school entrance examinations. 

We offer a number of opportunities for pupils to think about their preparation for senior school interviews, including Interview and Confidence Coaching workshops through Oppidan Education. Feedback from these workshops is followed up by Form Tutors and with a member of the Senior Management Team. From these, and in conjunction with information garnered from parents, comprehensive pupil profiles are completed about each pupil which feed the Common Transfer Forms that are required by senior schools. 

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