What Science looks like in Pre-Prep

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What Science looks like in Pre-Prep…

Last term, Science in the Pre-Prep was filled with many exciting opportunities for the boys to explore and develop their enthusiasm for Science.

At the end of last term, many boys in the Pre-Prep entered the British Science Week Poster Competition with the theme of Growth. A total of 5 entries across the school were selected and sent off for judging. Winners and runners up are announced early June. We wish those boys the best of luck.

Science in the Pre-Prep is designed to promote collaborative working and investigative skills whilst also developing the boy’s communication and ability to ask questions. These skills are developed from Reception, where the boys have been looking at understanding the fascinating world that we live in. The boys participated in many kinaesthetic activities that facilitated their ability to observe, make decisions, think, question and explore the world around them. This term, the Reception boys will have an exciting workshop about animals where they will have the opportunity to see, touch and learn about different species.

The boys in Year 1 have been looking at the topic of materials and have discussed how they can be man-made or natural. They carried out an experiment to investigate which materials would float or sink. They made predictions based on what they thought would happen. Then, they tested if their predictions were correct! The boys have also been exploring their sense of sound through playing different instruments and discussing how sound travels as waves. This term, the boys in Year 1 learnt about plants and took a visit to Kew Gardens to deepen and enhance their understanding.

In Year 2, the boys have been learning about how materials can change state from a solid to a liquid through reversible and irreversible changes. They carried out an experiment to see what factors would affect how quickly a chocolate button would melt. They then developed their understanding of forces by looking at gravity and air resistance and made helicopters and parachutes to test these theories. Late this term, the boys in Year 2 will be visiting Bird World where they will learn about animals and their adaptations to enable them to survive certain conditions.

To compliment the topics this term, the Durston ducklings have returned to Pre-Prep. The ducklings have always been a popular addition to Pre-Prep and are a wonderful opportunity for all the boys to learn about the wider world around them.

This term will see the return of our annual STEM week in July. This is an opportunity for the boys throughout the school to celebrate STEM through workshops, assemblies and parent visits.

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Mr Datoo, Head of Science