Reception & Transition Outing to Hounslow Urban Farm

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Reception & Transition Outing to Hounslow Urban Farm

The first half of the summer term, our topic is ‘Animals’ in Reception. During the topic we learn about different animal’s habitats and diets, as well as endangered animals and what makes a suitable pet. To support our learning, this week, Reception joined Harvington’s Pre-Schools, Transition class for a trip to Hounslow Urban Farm.

We explored the Urban Farm, looking at all the farm animals that live there from donkeys to pigs and chickens to rabbits. We fed the goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas. We remembered to keep our hands straight and found that when they took the feed off our hands it tickled.

Afterwards, we had a talk about ‘exotic animals’. We learnt that lizards are camouflaged to hide from predators, and that amphibians absorb water through their skin. We were very brave to touch and hold these exotic animals, and some of us even had a snake around our necks!

We also had a talk about farm animals, learning how to gently handle a mouse, rabbit and duck. This will come in handy when our ducklings arrive in a couple of weeks! During a demonstration on owls, we learnt about nocturnal animals and birds of prey. The children had a wonderful time on our trip, learning about and interacting with lots of different species.

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Mrs Stiglingh – Head of Reception