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Pre-Prep are immersed in ancient Aztec and Aboriginal Australian culture

Year 2

Humanities is always action packed in Pre-Prep. In early November the Year 2’s had a visit from Mexicolour: ‘Mexico – the Lore of the Land’. This interactive presentation on the Aztecs and the Maya are a cross between an illustrated talk, workshop and full-scale theatrical performance. In a single morning the workshop brought the Year 2 Autumn Term topic ‘the Aztecs’ to life.

The performance showcased the Aztec gods, the ‘4-worlds’, language and native dress. There was storytelling and dancing. The boys participated in playing instruments, drumming, chanting and watched as this civilisation unfolded around them.

Year 1

Another highlight on the Humanities calendar is the Year 1 Aboriginal Australian workshop.

To complement the teaching of ‘Australia’ in Autumn Term we take a look at the oldest culture on the planet the original people from ‘The Land Down under’. In this workshop the boys are shown indigenous Australian works of art, weapons, instruments and maps of the different aboriginal people groups within Australia.

Boys see a range of different didgeridoos with different pitches and purposes. They also all get a chance to play their own didgeridoos. Finally they are introduced to the Aboriginal art style of ‘Dot painting’ and paint their very own boomerangs. We then practice throwing boomerangs together to see if they really do come back. The boys thoroughly enjoy this very exploration 2 ancient and interesting cultures in Pre-Prep at Durston.