PSHME, Autumn Term 2022 Round Up

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PSHME, Autumn Term 2022 Round Up

Junior School PSHME

The Year 3 boys started their term exploring Emotional Wellbeing. They learnt about different feelings and emotions people experience; ways of expressing feelings and emotions; the impact of different life changes and strategies for dealing with grief and getting help, advice and support. The 2nd half of the Autumn term was dedicated to the discovery of various relationships, including the importance of friendships.

The Year 4 boys started their term with the topic on Families. They focused on different family structures; characteristics of a healthy family relationship and how to feel safe and cared for. The boys then got to grips with online friendships, discussing how to communicate safely and to be respectful online. They ended off the term by looking at ways to challenge discrimination, how to promote inclusion as underpinned by British Values.

Middle and Upper School PSHME

The Year 5 boys explored Mental Health, what it means, how to take care of it and feelings and emotions affected by changing, challenging or difficult times. They moved to the topic of behaving responsibly and the importance of rules. The boys ended the term identifying ways to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity.

The Year 6 boys identified factors that contributed to personal identity and how to recognise individuality through personal qualities and interests. The last set of lessons for the autumn term focused on protecting and empowering the boys as they enter new stages of their lives exploring the nature of friendships and the changes taking place during this transition phase.

The Year 7 boys learnt about how to become independent in maintaining dental health and accessing dental health services. They went on to explore the benefits and challenges of getting a good night’s sleep and strategies to promote good quality sleep. The next lesson was about raising awareness of people with disabilities and autism as part of a diverse society. The boys ended off the term discussing peer pressure and how it can happen online.

The Year 8 boys got off to a flying start dissecting life and career aspirations, how their personality, personal strengths and skills link to GCSE subject choices and future career paths. The latter part of the term was spent exploring relationships, managing influences such as social pressures and peer pressure.

Mrs Williams – Head of PSHME