Pre-School Fire Engine Visit!

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Pre-School Police Visit!

During the visit, children had the chance to engage with the officers and learn about various aspects of safety, including how to call the police, when it’s appropriate to reach out to them, and how the police can assist us in times of need. Through interactive discussions, role-playing scenarios, and engaging demonstrations, the children gained valuable insights into the role of law enforcement in our society.

The officers warmly interacted with the children, answering their curious questions and fostering a sense of trust and comfort. Through this experience, our children not only learned about safety procedures but also developed a positive relationship with the police, understanding them as helpful allies in our community.

The excitement and enthusiasm among the children were palpable throughout the visit. They actively participated in the activities, absorbing valuable information while having a great time. Witnessing their enthusiasm reinforced the significance of such educational initiatives in fostering a culture of safety and community awareness.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Local Police Department for their time, dedication, and invaluable contribution to our children’s education and safety. Their visit has left a lasting impression on our young learners, empowering them with essential knowledge and a sense of security.

Miss Togher – Marketing Manager