Pre-Prep's budding artists!

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Pre-Prep’s budding artists!

During the first few weeks of the Summer Term, Pre-Prep’s budding artists have been hard at work! We started the term in celebration mode, decorating our classrooms with bunting, making Union Jack flags and crowns, and collaging King Charles III’s profile in preparation for the King’s Coronation.

Following this, children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 have been creating artwork which supports their learning in PSHME, Topic and Humanities. In Reception, the children have been learning about how to help the environment as well as endangered species, making their own posters to highlight their learning. They learnt about how to display information on a poster, through discussions on layout, clarity and making it ‘eye-popping’.

In Year 1, the children are learning about Rainforests in their humanities lessons. They have learnt about the structure of the rainforests, and the species and plants that live there. For Art, they have made sloths; using paper plates, they carefully cut out and arranged their pieces to show a sloth clinging to a tree. They have also been painting colourful hands which they will cut out and arrange to resemble the feathers of a parrot.

Year 2 have been looking at Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa. Having studied the 19th-Century Japanese woodblock print, the children set about creating their own Great Wave. The boys used the media of charcoal and then paint. They discussed warm and cool colours, and used warm colours for the sky and cool colours for the sea.

Mrs Stiglingh – Head of Reception