Maths in Pre-Prep at Durston House

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Maths in Pre-Prep

How helpful, purposeful and important the use of practical materials is in helping the boys understand and master new mathematical concepts was evident throughout Mathematics lessons in Pre-Prep this week. The use of equipment such as counters, blocks, tens frames, part-whole models, number lines etc allow the boys to physically see the Mathematics happening in front of them. To stand back and watch the boys work in groups to explain and justify their working using the materials is something special. The rooms are filled with key mathematical vocabulary as the boys develop the confidence to assist each other by sharing words of wisdom about how to master the new learning using the equipment around them.  

Reception’s focus last week was repeated patterns. 

These were made in a variety of ways including size, colour and shape. The boys made their own repeated patterns through bead threading, shape printing and by using a range of different objects in the classroom. This early understanding of and exposure to repeated patterns is a great precursor to the boys learning about and identifying patterns in numbers (odds and evens, doubles, multiplication etc.) later in the term.  

Last week, Year 1 were busy learning that by adding to and counting back to 10 first, number sentences are often easier to solve. As 10 is a tidy number, it makes it easy for us to add on to or take away from. The journey to reach the 10 first often involves counters, tens frames, number lines and part whole models. Is there just one way to solve a word or number sentence? Absolutely not. The boys have learnt a variety of strategies to add to and count back to 10 first. They now have the skills and tools which allow them implement whichever strategy works best for them.  

As a cross-circular link with Computer Science, Year 2 have been looking at dimensions and how to draw them. They discussed the features of various 3D shapes and how to identify one from another. They then took this knowledge and practised drawing different 3D shapes on the laptops. They used shading techniques to show the sides. 

Miss Ingram, Reception Teacher