Maths in Junior School - Spring Term 2023

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Maths in Junior School – Spring Term 2023

Times tables are a key foundation for boys entering Junior School. We encourage boys to be able to recall mentally the multiplication and division facts up to 12, as this will aid their Mathematics skills in all areas. This enables a secure understanding covering many topics within the Mathematics curriculum.

2023 brings us knowledge from the older boys in the Upper School and their ability to teach and share. We have had Year 7 & 8 boys over to join us in Junior School to help boys practise their times tables, Year 3 & 4 have been partnered up with the older boys in their retrospective houses. Making learning different and enjoyable for them. It gives the younger boys an opportunity to be at ease and learn from their more senior peers.

Year 3 have been using many different strategies to aid their understanding of Multiplication and Division. The different steps we have used to help secure an understanding of written multiplication includes base 10, a number line, part-whole models and place value charts. This gives boys various ways to complete their calculations, as one particular method does not always suit everyone. When dividing, including some of the methods previously mentioned, we have also looked at partitioning. We then secured the method of short division/bus stop method with and without remainders.

Year 4 have been working hard with Fractions and Decimals. Having that strong knowledge of times tables helps with many of the questions and problems they come across with fractions and decimals. With use of a fraction wall, manipulatives and activities on the laptops, boys have a vast knowledge of these topics.

Mrs Easton – Junior School Teacher