Junior School Summer Arts Fair

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Junior School Summer Arts Fair

Year 4, under the expert and encouraging eye of Mrs Hryschuk (Head of Art), showed off their striking creations using print and collage; their water colour interpretations of Monet’s bridge at Giverny formed an uplifting backdrop to our talented musicians. Year 3 boys highlighted the mood of summer and nature with their herb sketches and miniature 3D gardens. As for their fruit and vegetable creatures, it was hard to pick a favourite! The cauliflower poodle or the lemon fishes, smiling with cheeky grins….? Art CEO’s showcased the talent, creativity and industry of boys in both years of Junior School, as did their fabulous Jubilee crowns, shimmering with glitter, adorned with regal feathers.

The musicians that serenaded us on a whimsical warm breeze were: Shlok and Emmanuel on violin, Shrian on flute, Hugo on the cello, James on the trumpet and Alex on the guitar. It was a big day of performances for Hugo and Shrian as it was their first public showing; only recently beginning instrumental lessons. The music accompanied the art beautifully, adding to the jovial atmosphere of the afternoon.

Mrs Woolley, Junior School Teacher and Miss Orr, Head of Junior School