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Families come to us primarily for an outstanding education.

At Durston House, we believe that it is hugely important to create an educational environment that encourages all pupils to be curious and enthusiastic about their opportunities to learn and grow.

At a young age, pupils enter Durston full of curiosity, natural energy and enjoyment, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this enthusiasm is not curtailed but fostered. We are very mindful of balancing ambition for progress and achievement with a rounded view of the world and an appetite for investigation and open-mindedness. 

The curriculum we offer is very broad, deep and rigorous, allowing ample opportunity for pupils to question and explore. Independent learning is valued and encouraged by our well-qualified staff, always keen to inspire and engage pupils beyond the classroom. Our outstanding teaching is supported by small class sizes, where individuality and independence can flourish. 

“Durston House’s academic success speaks for itself but our experience has been that of their investment in the whole child.”

Lessons are delivered in a range of ways, taking account of different learning styles and preferences, and the certainty that pupils should explore and experience practically and experientially. Teachers encourage pupils to question, and to appreciate that, often, there may not be one right answer. Workshops, Outings, Trips and outdoor adventures complement the classroom experience across all year groups. A broad range of extra-curricular Activities including day and residential trips away from school, offers further opportunity for each child to discover new and exciting challenges. 

Our job is to educate in its broadest sense and to add to pupils’ appreciation that we learn from life, and that life has much to teach us. 

Read about the curriculum at each of our schools:


Aged 3+ years

The Pre-school routines, timings and lessons imitate the day of a Reception pupil, which further enables children to become ‘school ready’ for their Reception Year. The curriculum is enhanced by local trips and a weekly field lesson at our playing fields where we can explore all the wonderful natural resources at our fingertips.


Reception & Years 1 – 2

In Reception, children gradually move from play-based to a more formal curriculum, using both indoor and outdoor spaces. They learn to understand the world from the point of view of themselves and others, working in a stimulating and enabling environment at a pace that is suitable for them as they move on through Pre-Prep.


Years 3 -4

Critical and creative thinking as well as a mastery approach to lessons takes flight in Years 3 and 4. Inquisitive pupils are encouraged to investigate ideas and concepts that span across subjects, including the introduction of French, Computer Science and increased emphasis on physical education.

Middle & Upper

Years 4-6

Pupils in Middle and Upper School follow a robust and rigorous academic timetable that allows for the expansion of learning and mastery in a wide range of academic skills. As pupils progress, an increasing level of independence, responsibility for learning and creativity in thinking is encouraged.