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To Durston, the term Pastoral Care is all-embracing; it is the complete care of each pupil, considering a holistic education as well as the development of individual character. 

The school community recognises that this care encompasses all that affects the human condition, the academic, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual, the moral and the cultural. Importance is placed on each of these aspects, in all that is done to care for children at school. Pupils achieve their best when working within a safe, nurturing and happy environment. 

Durston House is a diverse community of families and staff, where all are welcomed, a place where people share, respect, challenge and dare to dream. The promotion of well-being, care and kindness for each other as well as resilience, and the development of character lies at the core of our School.

Like ‘family’ members, we are bound by trust and loyalty, concern and mutual support.

We take responsibility for ourselves and others, we build up together, we celebrate together. We do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ education but are broad enough in our thinking and our provision that every pupil has the opportunity to feel fulfilled. We aim to wrap the educational experience around each pupil, celebrating their individuality and uniqueness. 

Here at Durston House, we recognise the development of character as essential to a full and worthy education of any pupil. We are proud of our pupils, their emotional resilience and intelligence as well as their intellectual curiosity, that enable them to thrive in any new environment, as well as achieve profound success at school and beyond. 

Every pupil has a Form Teacher or Form Tutor who has time to build real and meaningful relationships, to ensure they make a positive difference to the lives of the children in our care. The pupils know their voice is valued and is listened to by teachers and fellow pupils. Initiatives such as School Council and Vertical Groups within our House system ensure that pupil voice is valued and encouraged. Year Heads support the team of Form Tutors to provide the very best pastoral care for every child. 

At Durston we care deeply and understand the privilege and responsibility of working with and supporting our pupils in their formative years. If we care, then we will notice. 

Education at its very best puts the care and needs of the pupil first. At Durston, we care deeply and understand the privilege and responsibility of working with and supporting our pupils in their formative years. If we care, then we will notice. If we notice, then we will act on a child’s behalf. If we act for each child, then each of our children will grow, achieve and become their best selves. To be known, to be noticed, to be valued, to be loved and cared for: fundamental things for all of us, these are the essentials of a good childhood and are at the core of all we do as a school. Our children only have one childhood and so we must ensure it is the very best it can be.