A look at Maths in Year 5...

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A look at Maths in Year 5…

Working in small groups the year 5 boys put their determination and problem solving skills to the test by solving four problems. Each problem requiring the boys to draw from different skills and areas in mathematics.

The first problem tested the boys knowledge on number facts. Using ten cards numbered 0 to 9 they had to create five numbers. Each time all ten cards had to be used to make five numbers that were multiples of 3, five numbers that were multiples of 7 and five prime numbers.

In the second problem the boys needed to make exactly £20.00 using a combination of multiples of £1.80 and £1.40.

The third problem, although not obvious required the use of algebra to find the value of four different shapes.

The final problem truly tested the boys’ determination. Four digits put in the correct order, in a 2 by 2 grid needed to sum to 200. All four digits had to be different and from 1 to 9. One digit went in each box. The digits in the grid made two 2-digit numbers reading across and two 2-digit numbers reading down. All four 2 digit numbers then must add to make 200.

Special congratulations to Samuel, 5E for being the first boy to make 200.

Although at times the boys felt frustrated, their excellent team work and resilience meant that some groups were able to solve 2 or more of the problems.

“I liked them, they tested me out of my comfort zone”


“I liked the fact that some of the problems were easy and the others were hard”


Miss Gahir – Maths Teacher