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Durston House is a vibrant, stimulating and energetic community. We are forward looking with a proud and long history of academic achievement.



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Why Durston?

Why Durston?

Summer Term 2024

Term Begins: Monday 15 April

Half Term: Monday 27 May – Sunday 2 June

Term Ends: Thursday 11 July; 12:30pm finish.

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Durston Stories

Celebrating Musical Diversity: Our First Co-Educational Spring Concert

At Durston House, we believe in celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity in every aspect of our community. Wednesday evening, marked a significant milestone in our journey as we proudly hosted our annual spring concert, the first since becoming co-educational. It was a spectacular evening filled with awe-inspiring performances and a… Read More

Nurturing Minds: Recap of Our Annual Wellbeing Week 2024

Last week, our school community embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth during our annual Wellbeing Week. With a commitment to nurturing the holistic development of our students, we dedicated this special time to fostering mental, emotional, and physical wellness. The week commenced with an uplifting opening assembly, where… Read More

Emerald City Magic: Year 3 and 4 Bring ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to Life!

Durston House School’s Year 3 and 4 pupils recently dazzled audiences with their spellbinding rendition of “The Wizard of Oz.” Transporting spectators to the magical land of Oz, the production was a true testament to the talent and dedication of our young performers. The stage came alive with vibrant costumes… Read More

Y2 Re-Enact the Great Fire of London

In the immersive re-enactment of the fateful event known as the Great Fire of London, children embarked on a journey through time, transporting themselves back to the year 1666. With meticulous attention to historical detail, the scene was set in the bustling streets of London, amidst the timber-framed buildings and… Read More

Y5 Character Journey with Oppidan Education

Last week, Year 5 pupils embarked on their Character Journey with Oppidan Education. This is the first of several sessions across the year preparing pupils for the Senior School Interview process. Miss Togher – Marketing Manager… Read More

Cross Country 2024

This term saw our annual Cross Country take place for pupils in Reception-Year 8; the day remained dry and was a success! Well done to pupils for completing the course and our parents who turned up to cheer them on! Miss Togher – Marketing Manager… Read More

Pre-School Police Visit!

During the visit, children had the chance to engage with the officers and learn about various aspects of safety, including how to call the police, when it’s appropriate to reach out to them, and how the police can assist us in times of need. Through interactive discussions, role-playing scenarios, and… Read More

Y6 Amersham Field Trip

At the start of the year, Year 6 embarked on an educational outing to Amersham Field Studies Centre with the purpose of investigating the microclimates prevalent in the area. This endeavour formed an integral part of their Geography curriculum, emphasising the practical application of theoretical concepts. The day commenced within… Read More

Y7 Tower of London Outing

As part of the Year 7’s current History topic ‘Elizabeth I’, they had they chance of visiting the Tower of London. Here they explored the multiple uses of the Tower throughout time, from fortress, to palace, to prison. As part of their visit, their workshop also allowed them to uncover… Read More

Y6 Medieval Life Workshop

Year 6 were visited by Happening History to learn all about medieval life, spanning from the Norman Conquest in 1066 to the victory of the Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. As part of the hands-on workshop, the pupils learned all about medieval guilds, the weird… Read More

Pre-School Fire Engine Visit!

On Friday, Pre-School had an exciting visit from the London Fire Brigade to supplement their termly topic of ‘People Who Help Us’. Children discussed what to do in a fire emergency, who do we call? How do we call them? Children had the opportunity to use the hose, sit in… Read More

Junior School French Workshop

Year 3 and 4 children relished the chance to enjoy a whole hour of French recently. Freshwater’s expertly delivered performances of  Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood) and Jacques et Les Haricots Magiques (Jack and the Beanstalk) brought the language and stories alive. Audience participation kept the children… Read More

A Review of Les Trois Mousquetaires

Who would want to miss the opportunity to journey back in time to the turbulent streets of Paris?! It was a privilege for Middle School Children at Durston House to enjoy a workshop run by the Freshwater Theatre Company presenting the swash-buckling adventure Three Musketeers in French. The objective was… Read More

Oppidan Education: 1 Year Transition Journey (Year 6) and Leadership Training (Year 8)

Partners since 2022, over the next week Oppidan Education will be mentoring both our year 6 and Year 8 pupils. The Year 6 interview day forms part of their 1 Year Transition Journey whereas the Year 8 day is focused on developing leadership skills. Who are Oppidan? Oppidan is… Read More

Trips Week 2023!

All pupils from Years 4 – 8 attend a residential trip, spending at least two nights away from home. Trips, inspired by the curriculum, help pupils discover much about themselves, their friends and the world around them, experiences that can go on to form some of the happiest school memories. Read More

“Carpe Diem…Seize the day!”

At Durston House, we seek every possible opportunity to reward pupils and to recognise their successes throughout the academic year. The final week of the summer term saw various events take place including Vertical House Picnics, Prize Giving and Final Assembly. An occasion for pupils, parents and staff to gather… Read More

Sports Day 2023 Roundup!

Throughout the last two weeks of June, Durston House hosted their three annual Sports Days. The Pre-Prep Sports Day went ahead in a similar fashion to previous years. In the morning, pupils took part in an ‘Octathalon’ event, which included Running, Jumping and Throwing activities. Having competed in these Field… Read More

Year 8 Charity Fair

Last Friday, Year 8 boys prepared and ran a Charity Fair in aid of raising money for the School’s two chosen charities – Water Aid and Ealing Soup Kitchen. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed visiting and getting involved in what the Year 8 pupils… Read More

Rocket Balloon Cars

The Junior School pupils recently embarked on an exciting STEM project, building a rocket balloon car. Their enthusiasm and curiosity drove them to explore the realms of aerodynamics, physics, and engineering. With meticulous attention to detail, they designed and assembled a car that utilized the power of a rocket balloon… Read More

Year 1 & Year 2 visit Legoland!

To celebrate the engineering component of STEM,  Year 1 and 2 visited Legoland last Friday. The children’s excitement was palpable as the coach drove through the entrance. The life-size Lego pieces bought so much joy and added to the excitement for the day ahead. The children spent the day exploring… Read More

STEM Week 2023

The Durston STEM Week 2023 was launched with a full school assembly with an exciting Science show designed to entertain a whole school from Reception to Year 8 pupils with spectacular science demonstrations and discussions to inspire pupils’ curiosity and imagination. With audience participation and exciting demonstrations, our visitor demonstrated… Read More

Durston House Parents Association Fun Day Spectacular 2023!

On Saturday the Durston House Parents Association (DHPA) hosted their Annual Fun Day Spectacular! It was lovely to see so many of our current pupils, their families and lots of children who will be joining Durston House in September! Huge thank-you to the DHPA and all the volunteers who worked… Read More

Pre-Prep Year Group Assemblies

The Pre-Prep classes have recently been working hard preparing to present their Year Group Assemblies to parents. Year 2 performed a short musical play about the Great Fire of London (their favourite topic of the year), Year 1 told us all about their favourite moments from Year 1 and what… Read More

Ranger Stu visits Pre-Prep

Reception were thrilled to have Ranger Stu visit today who introduced us to a few of his friends. Each child was given the opportunity to touch an animal! Our topic this term is ‘Minibeasts’ so we enjoyed meeting Coconut the Tarantula and Mrs Stingy the Scorpion. We also… Read More

Year 3 visit London Zoo

After their exciting visit to the London Zoo, the Year 3 pupils are bursting with tales of the cute penguins, roaring lions, and cheeky monkeys. Their curious minds are filled with newfound knowledge about reptiles and exotic birds. The experience has deepened their love for animals… Read More

Junior School Art Fair 2023

One recent sunny June afternoon, the pupils in Years 3 and 4 were delighted to have the chance to share their artistic successes from this year with their friends and families. Highlights from Year 4 children included their stunning colourful prints inspired by the designs of William Morris, a Hammersmith… Read More

Y1 visit Windsor Castle

Year 1 visited Windsor Castle as an extension of their Topic ‘Knights and Castles’. It was a beautiful sunny day to be exploring the castle. The pupils loved searching for the special features of castles that we had been discussing in class. They identified arrow slits, crenulations, cannons, an old… Read More

Junior School Science Morning

Whilst Middle & Upper School were away on Trips Week, Junior School visited the Science Department at Main School. Throughout the morning pupils learnt about acids and alkali’s, getting hands on with a fun practical!… Read More

Year 8 Pupils Shine in Spectacular Production of ‘Aladdin Jr.’

In an extraordinary display of talent and dedication, the Year 8 pupils delivered a captivating rendition of the classic musical ‘Aladdin Jr.’ The much-anticipated production, which took place last week, left the audience spellbound with its stunning performances and impressive stagecraft. Weeks of meticulous planning and preparation preceded the grand… Read More

Year 5 Interview Practice with Oppidan

The interview practice day in Year 5 was a resounding success. The enthusiasm and commitment exhibited by our pupils were commendable, and it was truly heartening to see their determination as they approached the task of talking to someone they hadn’t met before. The nerves and anxieties from the beginning… Read More

Y5 – Y8 Art Exhibition 2023

In early June, Durston House hosted it’s annual Young Artist Summer Exhibition. We were thrilled to showcase the incredible talent and creativity of our Middle and Upper School pupils through a captivating display of their artistic endeavours. This exhibition was a testament to the passion and dedication our pupils have… Read More

Y2 Outing to Amersham Field Studies Council

Year 2 visited Amersham Field Studies Council to compliment the children’s recent Science topic, Plants, Animals and Habitats. They had the chance to use science equipment to go on a minibeast hunt and try pond dipping. Can you spot them using the nets, magnifying glasses and collection pots? They… Read More

Year 6 – Year 8 Cross Country

This year, the House Cross-Country run was postponed for some year groups. Pupils in Reception – Year 5 completed the course in the Spring Term, however, years 6 to 8 could not. This was due to some very torrential rain and hail which meant the Cross Country was rescheduled to… Read More

John Lyon v Durston House Cricket Match

On Wednesday 17 May Year 7 and Year 8 first and second Cricket teams, were invited to John Lyon School to play cricket. Spirits were high as the sun was out after a few weeks of dreadful weather. We are a dominant bowling side, so when we won the toss,… Read More

Year 1 Outing to Kew Gardens

Our day out at Kew Gardens was a huge success. Children loved exploring the different flowers and plants throughout the garden. During the workshop with Michelle we learnt key features about a variety of plants. We learnt that the weeping beech tree has incredibly long roots… Read More

Year 4 Outing to Epping Forest Field Study Centre

We were expecting heavy downpours but, in the end, they never materialised and a light drizzle was not enough to dampen the spirits of the Year 4s as they traversed Epping Forest in search of the source and tributaries to Debden Brook. They were investigating how the depth and width… Read More

Y3-Y5 Future Schools’ Fair 2023

On Thursday 18 May, we welcomed parents of children in Year 3 – Year 5 from both Durston House and Harvington Prep School to our Future Schools’ Fair for the second year running! It was a pleasure to welcome the following leading Independent Senior Schools from across London and beyond:… Read More

Pre-Prep’s budding artists!

During the first few weeks of the Summer Term, Pre-Prep’s budding artists have been hard at work! We started the term in celebration mode, decorating our classrooms with bunting, making Union Jack flags and crowns, and collaging King Charles III’s profile in preparation for the King’s Coronation. Following this, children… Read More

PSHME – Spring Term Round Up!

Junior School The Year 3’s started their Spring Term with Economic Wellbeing, looking into different aspects of money. They spent time analysing the value of money, why we spend, the importance of saving and what constitutes needs and wants. The latter part of the term was dedicated to understanding what… Read More

Year 4 Outing to Neasden Temple

The year 4 children spent a lovely morning at the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden. They learnt that almost 5,00 tonnes of Italian and Bulgarian marble was shipped to India to be hand carved by over 1,500 skilled artisans, to make the Mandir. The children visited the… Read More

Merchant Taylors’ School Science Challenge 2023

We were invited to The Merchant Taylors’ School Science Challenge 2023 for pupils in Year 5 hosted this year by the Physics, Chemistry and Biology departments on Friday 28 April 2023. A team of four Year 5 pupils from Durston House completed experiments in three different Science challenges. The aim… Read More

Reception & Transition Outing to Hounslow Urban Farm

The first half of the summer term, our topic is ‘Animals’ in Reception. During the topic we learn about different animal’s habitats and diets, as well as endangered animals and what makes a suitable pet. To support our learning, this week, Reception joined Harvington’s Pre-Schools, Transition class for a… Read More

Year 5 French Outing to Cezanne Exhibition

In the Spring Term in Year 5, the focus in the French curriculum is on learning how to produce accurate descriptions. In the first half-term, pupils learnt how to use a wide variety of adjectives to describe animals. This included describing their size, colour and characteristics. A bit of mental… Read More

Durston House hosts its very first Wellbeing Week!

This year, Durston House hosted its very first Wellbeing Week. The week kicked off with an assembly that introduced what wellbeing actually was! Many pupils shared that they didn’t really know what ‘wellbeing’ meant, even if they had heard the word a lot! The week centred around the 5 Pillars… Read More

Junior School Production of ‘Hagbanes’ Doom

As the stage lights went up on Wednesday 22 March, the boys sang with Gusto and performed with an Oscar worthy style. For over an hour, the Junior School boys graced us with humour, songs and dancing; showing their hard-work from the term had paid off! There were stand out… Read More

U13 Rugby Tournament 2023

On a wet Saturday morning six teams arrived at Swyncombe Playing Fields eager to play our rugby tournament. Spectators lined up pitch side excited to see the action. It started off well for Durston as spirits were high and tries were being scored but after only a few minutes one… Read More

Y2 Outing to Headstone Manor

On Wednesday 1 March the Year 2 boys took part in a workshop about the Great Fire of London at Headstone Manor. The boys were encouraged to become history detectives and investigate how and why fires started easily in buildings made from wood, using Headstone Manor as the example. They… Read More

Exploring Topics in Reception – Spring Term

This term we have explored the topics of ‘Ourselves’ and ‘Transport’. For the topic of ‘Ourselves’ we labelled parts of the body, and in PSHME, learnt about what our body needs to stay healthy; a healthy diet, mental wellbeing, exercise, sleep and rest, and good oral health. During the frosty… Read More

Cross Country 2023

On Friday 24 March, our annual Cross Country took place. Unfortunately, the event was cut short, meaning Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8 couldn’t race as the weather was extremely wet, windy and soft underfoot. Nevertheless a huge congratulations to all of the runners and to Harvington Prep School… Read More

Growing Great Science Minds in Y5-Y8

It has been another busy year in the Science Department for Years 5-8. Back in September, our Year 5 boys were introduced to the department, learning about safety aspects in the lab and how to take various scientific measurements. They were delighted to use Bunsen Burners… Read More

U11A Durston House Rugby Tournament 2023

On Saturday 4 March, Durston House hosted the annual U11A Rugby Tournament. The day started cold and wet but that didn’t stop the teams and their supporters all turning up enthusiastically to participate. Durston had not won this since 2015 but hopes were high. The Durston team were up against… Read More

Year 6 Investigate Pop Art

Year 6 boys have enjoyed investigating the Pop Art movement which is characterised by the deconstruction of images seen in popular and commercial culture between the 1950-60s in Britain and America. The boys created two self-portraiture studies during this topic. The first explored printmaking and the second included pointillism, a… Read More

Preparing Pupils’ for Senior School Success with Oppidan Education

Yesterday, Thursday 16 March, Year 6 pupils embarked on a half day camp delivered by Oppidan Education, which focused on supporting pupils’ leadership and collaboration skills, preparing them for success in the group interview phase that a number of Senior Schools now include as part of… Read More

Pre-Prep Thinking & Working as Scientists!

Pre-Prep have been very busy since the beginning of the term. In Science, Year One and Two children covered ‘Materials’ as a part of the chemistry units. Both year groups had the opportunity to get hands on and carry out experiments in class. Teachers have been encouraging the boys to… Read More

Y3 Outing to Pitzhanger Manor

Year 3 boys took the short walk from Longfield Road to the handsome, beautifully restored Pitzhanger Manor Art Gallery, setting for Matt Dixon’s ingenious and moving “A Sense of Wonder” exhibition. The art is based on robots – but these sweetly whimsical creations were not faceless, inhuman machines. Instead they… Read More

Theology, Philosophy & Religion – Autumn Term Round Up

The Autumn Term started off as a busy time for some of the Year 8 boys. Candidates for Merchant Taylors’ School were doing their final preparations for the Setting Examinations. This examination will determine which sets the boys would be in when they arrive at Merchant Taylors’ and the TPR… Read More

Maths in Junior School – Spring Term 2023

Times tables are a key foundation for boys entering Junior School. We encourage boys to be able to recall mentally the multiplication and division facts up to 12, as this will aid their Mathematics skills in all areas. This enables a secure understanding covering many topics within the Mathematics curriculum. Read More

Year 6 Medieval Life Workshop

Year 6 recently had the opportunity to experience life as medieval lords, ladies, servants, priests and peasants, taking part in a hands-on medieval life workshop. The year group were split into four households, tasked with completing a range of challenges to score the most points. Amongst the fun of each… Read More

Y6 Amersham Field Centre Outing

This was one of the best trips ever! At the start we got to school and headed onto the coach. It was an exciting 45 minute drive there and the coach was filled with loud chatter about how much they wanted to get to Amersham and what challenges awaited us. … Read More

Junior School French Workshop

Junior School boys delighted in a whole hour of French story telling last week. What’s more, the boys from Years 3 and 4 followed every word, engaged by the expert delivery of Rachel from the Freshwater Theatre Company.  The two tales – Boucles D’Or et les Trois Ours (Goldilocks and… Read More

Year 3 outing to St Peter’s Church

In November, Year 3 had the opportunity to visit St Peter’s Church as part of their T.P.R. (Theology, Philosophy & Religion) topic on Christianity. We were met at the church by Father David and Father Adam who welcomed us in and guided us towards the pews. The boys are familiar… Read More

Christmas Jumper Day & Christmas Bazaars 2022

On Friday 9 December, we kicked off our festive, charity fundraising by holding a Mufti-Day. Staff and pupils wore their best festive jumpers, raising money for our two chosen charities; Water Aid and Ealing Soup Kitchen! Following the success of previous Christmas… Read More

Music, Autumn Term 2022 Round Up

Pre-Prep (Reception – Year 2) In Pre-Prep, children learnt a number of carols and songs for their Christmas Production of ‘The Magical Christmas Tree’, they enjoyed singing with their full heart and happy smiles during performances. They also performed in the Harvest Assembly, with gusto and a great diction!… Read More

Year 3 outing to The British Museum

Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term and so visiting the British Museum recently was an excellent opportunity for all the boys to put their learning into context and of course, learn more about this fascinating civilization. The boys took part in an Ancient Egyptian artefact… Read More

Junior School Festive Learning Walk

Last Tuesday, Junior School opened its doors to parents for a learning walk, with an appropriate festive twist of mince pies being served! This was the perfect opportunity for parents to see all the wonderful work their children have been working on since the start of Autumn Term! Children were… Read More

PSHME, Autumn Term 2022 Round Up

Junior School PSHME The Year 3 boys started their term exploring Emotional Wellbeing. They learnt about different feelings and emotions people experience; ways of expressing feelings and emotions; the impact of different life changes and strategies for dealing with grief and getting help, advice and support. The 2nd half of… Read More

PE & Games, Autumn Term 2022 Round Up

It has been an extremely busy term for the PE and Games department, with boys competing in various competitions and matches with other schools, and internally. Durston House has been involved in Football, Cross Country, Indoor Athletics and even some Rugby in preparation for the Spring Term. Throughout the Autumn… Read More

Pre-Prep Production of ‘The Magical Christmas Tree’

Merry Christmas! This year Pre-Prep were able to perform to full audiences once again for the first time since 2019. Their performances of ‘The Magical Christmas Tree’ were a resounding success. Reception were our very own magical elves, and they stole the show with their cute costumes and cheeky smiles!… Read More

Durston House celebrates Anti-Bullying Week 2022 – Reach Out

Here at Durston House we believe that every individual counts. Being our true authentic selves and appreciating the differences within each and every one of us lies at the heart of everything we do. We’re a diverse community of families and staff, where all are welcomed, a placed where people… Read More

Exploring Topics in Reception – Autumn Term!

In Reception, we cover 6 topics. These develop learning in Humanities (Geography and History), Science, Art and Religious Studies, as well as giving opportunities for reading and writing.  We kicked off the first half term of Autumn exploring the topic ‘People who help us’. We talked about people who help… Read More

Art in Junior School

Year 4 has been learning about the life and work of American artist, Jackson Pollock. Boys were mesmerised by his Abstract Expressionist pieces created in his unique style of Action Painting. Pollock’s work is non-representational, meaning it didn’t look like anything. Instead, he tried to show emotions, like happiness or anger,… Read More

A sneak peek of Maths in Pre-Prep

The boys in Reception have made steady progress throughout their first term of Mathematics at Durston House. During the first half of the Autumn Term they focused on numbers to 5. This half term they have progressed to working with numbers to 10. They have just been introduced to the… Read More

Year 1 Aboriginal Workshop

It was a very exciting experience for the Year 1 Durston Boys this year as it is the first time they shared a workshop with the Year 1 girls from Harvington Prep. The boys and girls both had a wonderful time together delving into the interesting, ancient and unknown culture… Read More

Junior School Science, Autumn Term 2022

At Durston House Junior School, the boys cover various topics in their curriculum. The Year 4 Autumn 1 term sees the boys learning about ‘Sound’ and the Year 3 Autumn 1 term covers ‘Health Eating’. Over the Autumn term, many experiments took place which allowed boys to use their investigative… Read More

Year 4 Outing to Ealing Synagogue

As part of their T.P.R. topic (Theology, Philosophy & Religion) on Judaism, Year 4 visited Ealing Synagogue to find out more about the religion and study the layout and features of this important place of worship. Rabbi Vogel met us at the synagogue and was our… Read More

Football and Rugby Tour to Salou, Spain

During the October half term, Durston House took 30 Year 7 and 8 boys to Salou in Spain for our bi-annual Football and Rugby Tour. It was an amazing week, filled with sightseeing, theme park rides, swimming, going to the beach and, of course, Football and Rugby. The boys had… Read More

Remembrance Day at Durston House

Yesterday, Thursday 10 November we held our Remembrance Day Assembly and paid our respects to those that have sacrificed so much for our country. Mr Stock, Head of Co-Curricular discussed with pupils the importance of Remembrance Day, its origin and the significance of Poppies, as well as reflecting that it’s… Read More

Bringing Mexican History & culture to life with Mexicolore!

Today ‘Mexicolore’ visited Durston House, where Year Two boys were lucky to have an amazing workshop and to be joined by their counterparts from Harvington Prep School. In the last half term the boys covered the Aztecs. You may be wondering who the Aztecs were? The Aztecs were a… Read More

Exploring Black History Month through Literature at Durston House

Our School Librarian Mr White has actively sourced a range of literature to support and promote Black History Month across the Pre-Prep, Junior School and Middle & Upper School. A combination of books were purchased that highlight the events and people who shape recent and more distant black history. Mr… Read More

A look at Maths in Year 5…

Working in small groups the year 5 boys put their determination and problem solving skills to the test by solving four problems. Each problem requiring the boys to draw from different skills and areas in mathematics. The first problem tested the boys knowledge on number facts. Using ten cards numbered… Read More

Y5 Battle Abbey Outing

As part of their History Norman Conquest topic, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Battle Abbey, near Hastings. This is the site of the Battle of Hastings and the boys were able to get a feel for the environment that the Normans and Saxons would have experienced while battling… Read More

Welcome Back to Durston House!

I hope you had a wonderful, restful summer break. The welcome back to school after the long summer holidays was overshadowed by the sad announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Her reign was lived out in a life of selfless service and duty. Our thoughts and sincerest prayers… Read More

Queen Elizabeth II

The Durston community mourns most deeply the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Her reign was lived out in a life of selfless service and duty. Our thoughts and sincerest prayers are with the Royal Family in their time of profound loss. May she rest in peace. Read More

Y7 Trip to Lake District – Trips Week 2022!

The Year 7 boys spent their trips week in at FSC Castlehead in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria. Whilst away the boys reinforced and expanded their knowledge of the geography we had been studying in class. They developed their fieldwork skills, team building and tested themselves against Mother Nature. Monday: We arrived at… Read More

Year 8 Leavers’ Celebrations 2022

This year’s Leavers’ celebrations fell on a blue skied, bright sunny day; one brimming with bitter sweet celebration for our Year 8 boys and all that they have achieved here at Durston House, whilst the simmering emotion of a final farewell is fully felt. It was a chance for the… Read More

Final Assembly, Summer Term 2022

“Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen.”Conan O’ Brien Today, our Final Assembly took place at Haven Green Church. Led by Mr Stock, pupils, parents and staff came together to honour each other’s achievements this year, from the STEM Week Science Fair winners, to… Read More

Prize Day 2022 Round-up!

At Durston House, we seek every possible opportunity to reward pupils and to recognise their successes throughout the academic year. This week our annual prize giving ceremonies took place, which were the perfect end to a busy term. An occasion for pupils, parents and staff to gather & celebrate the… Read More

Middle & Upper School Sports Day 2022!

On Thursday 29 June at Perivale Athletics Track, the Durston House Middle and Upper Schools competed in their annual House Sports Day Competition. Boys from Years 5-8 competed in both Track and Field events, during which each boy took part in a short distance race, a… Read More

Pre-Prep Sports Day Spectacular 2022!

Pre-Prep Sports Day took place on Thursday 23 June at Castlebar playing fields. The boys spent the first part of the afternoon completing a variety of Track and Field events in their Houses. These events consisted of High Jump, Hurdles, Javelin and Long Jump. The boys took turns at completing… Read More

STEM Week 2022!

Boys threw themselves whole-heartedly into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Week. Throughout the week, boys across the school had the opportunity to learn about the engineering world. We welcomed a variety of current parents to our Career Talks; where they delivered workshops surrounding their field of work; from forensic… Read More

Year 8 Production of The Wind in the Willows

A cast of 29 boys took the stage for our Year 8 production of The Wind in the Willows to a packed audience. Every boy sang, danced and acted skilfully in this tale of friendship, adventure and fun! Boys did a remarkably good job of learning their lines over… Read More

Durston House Staff Victorious in Parents’ vs Staff Cricket Match!

Last Friday saw the annual Staff vs Parents’ cricket match take place at Swyncombe Playing Field, on what was a typically beautiful summer’s evening. This is always a fun, competitive and relaxed family event with our DHPA providing wonderful food and drink throughout the evening. It was great… Read More

Pre-Prep Maths Day!

Mathematics Day in Pre-Prep was packed full of fun! The Reception boys used skittles, watermelon and fresh fruit smoothies to investigate statistics and measurement. Chocolate crackles, Multiplication Station and the Blooket App gave the Year 1’s a chance to put all of the Mathematical skills and strategies they have learnt… Read More

Junior School Science – Summer Term 20222

At Durston House Junior School, the boys cover various topics in their curriculum. The Year 4 Summer term sees the boys learning about ‘Habitats’ and the Year 3 Summer term covers ‘Light and Shadows’. Over the Summer term, many experiments took place which allowed boys to use their investigative skills… Read More

Junior School Sports Day 2022!

Last Monday Junior School pupils enjoyed a fun and activity filled afternoon! The day consisted of track events where boys competed to qualify for the afternoon track finals. All track events were timed, with the fastest six making it into the final. Boys then had a choice between a short… Read More

Year 3 Outing to Southall Gurdwara

As part of their T.P.R. Sikhism topic, Year 3 have an opportunity to visit the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall. This is a beautiful, purpose-built Gurdwara in the heart of the Sikh community in west London. We are fortunate enough to live local to this landmark building, enabling… Read More

TPR in Junior School, Summer Term

This term, Y4 study the Hindu religion as part of the T.P.R. topic. We are fortunate that our boys come from a diverse and multicultural heritage, which they are more than happy to share during T.P.R. studies. The boys learn about the importance of worship: at home, in the… Read More

Y8 Trip to Devon- Trips Week 2022!

After an early start, Year 8 set off from Castlebar Field for their final trip at Durston. They were off to the Ultimate Adventure Centre in Bideford, North Devon. Following a 5-hour trip, the boys arrived and were swiftly onto their first set of activities before dinner: Mountain Boarding, Archery… Read More

Year 3 Visit to London Zoo!

On a bright sunny day, all the Y3 boys had their rucksack filled with snacks, lunch, drinks and of course, sunblock. They were ready to embark on an adventure around the London Zoo. Upon arrival, boys were split into two groups which explored the zoo from either end. Each group… Read More

Y6 Trip to France – Trips Week 2022!

Le voyage scolaire en France lundi On Monday 13 June, we left school at 06:30 to be driven by Paul, our coach driver to Folkstone where we boarded the Eurostar. We got our passports checked and finished our film. When the coach drove into the station I saw the Eurostar,… Read More

Y4 visit to PGL – Trips Week 2022!

Rolling suitcases and chatty children down Longfield Walk indicated that it was finally the day of the Year 4 PGL trip! The bright sunshine and buoyant mood was palpable, with all boys brimming with excitement to wave goodbye to parents and head to Marchants Hill PGL.  ‘Challenge by choice,’ is… Read More

Y5 History Trip to York – Trips Week 2022!

Year 5 spent their Trips Week exploring the ancient city of York and the surrounding area, deepening their knowledge and understanding of the history they are studying in the classroom. Whilst in York, the boys enjoyed stepping back to the time of the Norman Conquest with a visit to Clifford’s… Read More

Year 1 outing to Windsor Castle

Last Friday Year One took a trip to Windsor Castle to consolidate their learning on Castles and Knights. Pupils visited the beautiful grounds and state rooms where they were wowed by the amazing detail. After an action packed day, we embarked on our journey home feeling very excited –… Read More

Pre-Prep African Dance & Drumming Workshop

“YEAH! YEAH! HEY! HEY! AFRICA! ME AND YOU ARE FRIENDS!” Today Pre-prep attended an ‘African Drumming’ assembly and workshop thanks to the West-African dancing, singing and drumming duo of Gaspard (from the Ivory Coast) and Nii (from Ghana). The boys embraced dancing in barefoot and learning… Read More

Ranger Stu visits Reception!

Today in Reception Ranger Stu came to visit from Cedars Nature Centre, and with him came Coconut the Tarantula, Reggie the Boa Constrictor, Rambo the Bearded Dragon, Dobbie the Armadillo, Cinnamon the Tenrec and Leko Owl. The boys were all very brave to hold or gently stroke… Read More

Junior School Summer Arts Fair

Year 4, under the expert and encouraging eye of Mrs Hryschuk (Head of Art), showed off their striking creations using print and collage; their water colour interpretations of Monet’s bridge at Giverny formed an uplifting backdrop to our talented musicians. Year 3 boys highlighted the mood of summer and nature… Read More

Year 4 visit to London Wetlands Centre

The Y4 boys ventured to the London Wetlands Centre in Barnes which is a protected nature reserve. This trip forms part of Durston’s Summer Term on Habitats. Boys were split into two groups covering most of the wetlands from East to West. Upon walking, there was… Read More

Pre-Prep save the world in their Eco Workshop!

Today Pre-Prep attended an ‘Eco Workshop’ thanks to Perform. They became superheroes for the session with a mission to save Earth from global warming. Bad Bopper, the villain, was ruining the earth by destroying the plants and leaving rubbish everywhere. Armed with the 3 Rs (reduce,… Read More

Year 5 – Year 8 Art Exhibition

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of hosting our first annual Durston House Art Exhibition which celebrated creations of Middle School and Upper School boys. Families and local schools were invited to take in a variety of 2D and 3D pieces whilst enjoying a glass of wine and nibbles. Read More

English in Pre-Prep at Durston House

In Pre-Prep, we start learning to read and write in our phonics lessons from the first day of school! In Reception, we have lots of opportunities to share stories and other books together, and to discuss our thoughts and ideas about what happens, and what might happen next. We learn… Read More

Future Schools’ Fair

On Wednesday 11 May we hosted our inaugural annual Future Schools’ Fair. It was a pleasure to welcome a vast number of leading Independent Senior Schools including; City of London School, Hampton School, Harrodian School, John Lyon, Lady Eleanor Holles, Merchant Taylors’ School, North London Collegiate School, Notting Hill &… Read More

Reception Trip to Odds Farm

Reception had a lovely trip to Odds Farm in the sunshine today! The boys enjoyed feeding the animals, petting the rabbits, riding the tractors and having fun in the adventure playground. Mrs Stiglingh – Head of Reception… Read More

PSHME in Middle & Upper School – Spring Term

Planning and teaching an effective PSHME curriculum is a unique journey. It helps children and young people to be safe, healthy and prepared for life’s opportunities. Year 5: The focus this term was on the benefits of a balanced lifestyle and its effects on wellbeing. It included aspects such as… Read More

Rugby at Durston House

During the Spring Term, Durston House competed in a number of Rugby fixtures and competitions against other schools. These took place both at Swyncombe and away at various sports grounds, including a tournament held at the StoneX Stadium, home of Saracens Rugby. Some of our fixtures/events this term include: Rugby… Read More

Junior School Production of Robin Hood

A special production of Robin Hood was brought to life by the Junior School boys at the end of Spring term. In this classic struggle of good versus evil, Robin is – of course – the hero of the hour, as he fights for good against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and… Read More

What Science looks like in Pre-Prep…

Last term, Science in the Pre-Prep was filled with many exciting opportunities for the boys to explore and develop their enthusiasm for Science. At the end of last term, many boys in the Pre-Prep entered the British Science Week Poster Competition with the theme of Growth. Read More

Junior School Maths, Summer Term

Swiftly moving into the Summer Term, Mathematics in Junior School is sizzling. Year 3 continue to acquire skills for mastering decimals, which develops knowledge and understanding to aid the concepts of pounds and pence when learning about money and 12-hour/24-hour digital clock too. They have used decimal sliding lines to… Read More

Junior School Art, Spring Term

Last term, the Year 4 boys immensely enjoyed investigating printmaking, an artistic process that involves transferring images from a matrix onto another surface, such as paper or textile. Traditional printmaking techniques include woodcut, etching, engraving, and lithography, while modern artists have expanded available techniques to include screen-printing. The boys began… Read More

French in Junior School, Spring Term

Last term, the Year 3 and 4 boys explored different ways of cultivating their knowledge of French language and culture. Spoken French was given a dramatic twist at the beginning of term, with a wonderful live performance of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge  (Little Red Riding Hood ) and Jacques et… Read More

Durston House and Harvington Prep to merge

We are delighted to announce that Durston House and Harvington Preparatory School in Ealing are to merge, creating a new and exceptional co-educational offer for West London families. As close neighbours, the schools already share deep roots within the local community, and have in common a time-honoured commitment to delivering… Read More

Reception outing to Bekonscot Model Village & Railway

On Friday 18 March, Reception had a wonderful sunny day at Bekonscot Model Village & Railway as part of their topic ‘Transport’. The boys had a workshop on transport in the past, explored the model village, went on a train ride and played in the adventure… Read More

Computer Science in Middle & Upper School

Pupils in Middle and Upper Schools are greeted with a diverse and eclectic curriculum throughout their time at Durston House, preparing them for the next step of their academic journey. Year 5 After a successful half term on Online Safety, ranging from managing online information, to fake news, to… Read More

Y2 Outing to Headstone Manor

On Friday 4 March, Year 2 visited Headstone Manor to complement their study of the Great Fire of London. Whilst there pupils participated in a Fire and Flames workshop and also got to make a clay fire plaque. Want to learn more about our Curriculum in… Read More

Lit Fest 2022

Lit Fest is an annual event at Durston House which celebrates literature and the spoken word. The theme of this year’s Lit Fest was ‘Around the World in Eighty Books’. This theme is clearly inspired by the adventure novel, Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, published in… Read More

Maths in Pre-Prep

How helpful, purposeful and important the use of practical materials is in helping the boys understand and master new mathematical concepts was evident throughout Mathematics lessons in Pre-Prep this week. The use of equipment such as counters, blocks, tens frames, part-whole models, number lines etc allow the boys to physically… Read More

Year 6 Outing to Amersham Field Studies Centre

Last Friday forty-six Year 6 boys set off to Amersham Field Studies Centre to investigate the microclimates of the area and collect data for their fieldwork project as part of the work in Geography. The day started in the classroom where methods and equipment were discussed, along with where… Read More

Computer Science at Durston House Pre-Prep

2022 has only just begun, and we are already back in full swing during our Computer Science lessons at Durston House Pre-Prep. All the form teachers are putting a lot of hard work into getting the pupils acquainted with new technologies every week. Throughout a boys time at… Read More

Science Round Up – Autumn Term 2021

Science Round Up – Autumn Term 2021 It has been another busy term in the Sciences Middle and Upper School. Back in September, Year 5 were introduced to the Science labs with an introductory course on Safety as part of the Science curriculum. This… Read More

Welcome to our new website!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website here at Durston House School. We hope you agree that it reflects the essence of what we are about – our impressive academic pedigree as well as the wonderfully diverse, innovative, welcoming and happy school, which was reflected… Read More

Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying is a… Read More

Pre-Prep are immersed in ancient Aztec and Aboriginal Australian culture

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying… Read More

Reception and People who help us

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying is a… Read More

Sports Update

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying is a… Read More

English Storytelling

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying is a… Read More

Bonjour à toutes et à tous!

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying is a… Read More

Computer Science @ Junior School

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying… Read More

Headmasters Blog – Diversity at Durston

Diversity is a theme that I promised the boys that I would come back to this summer term, and the first assembly back provided me with the perfect opportunity. We first considered the critically important need for diversity in nature and the environment. It is a good starting point to… Read More

Maths Department – First Week Back

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. ‘One Kind Word’ was the chosen theme for Anti-Bullying Week. Whilst anti-bullying… Read More